Drafting by-laws for all types of corporate structures

Drafting, negotiations and amending all types of commercial contracts

Debts recovery

Payment summons

Arbitration, mediation and consultancy in commercial litigations

Mergers/ divisions of commercial companies

Dissolutions/ liquidation of commercial companies

Advising on all material aspects of usual day – to-day operations of the client

Assignment of shares

Increase/decrease of registered capital

Due diligence – acquisitions

Legal consultancy – taxes, income tax, VAT

Fiscal consultancy – taxes, income tax, VAT (With the assistance of our specialized collaborators)

Due diligence

Legal consultancy in real estate transactions

Drafting, assisting, negotiation in real estate transactions

Drafting labor contracts/ internal regulations/ job specifications

Individual/collective dismissal

Legal consultancy – working relations

Drafting/ negotiating collective labor contract

Assisting clients in applying for and obtaining trade mark and brand licences, technology and patent licences, copyright and design licences

Litigations & Arbitration

Legal consultancy – with the support of our specialized collaborators


Change of articles of incorporation

Legal consultancy on the operation of associations/foundations

Assistance in pre-litigation phases

Representation in court

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Legal advice is the application of the abstract principles of law to the concrete facts of the client's case,
in order to advise the client on what he should do next.